The conclusion to the mysterious and suspenseful tale. Sam worked with Mark to try to outsmart Frank after their realization of the part he played in Angela Williams’ murder. Frank, on the other hand, focused on stopping Sam and getting that phone, a key piece of evidence that could tie him to the crime. Meanwhile, a man in the shadows carefully plots and weaves the fabric of his long-running plan, and it comes to an explosive confrontation at the epicenter of the web.

Three storylines converge in one final twist that will forever shake the fabric of the lives of Mark, Sam, and Gary. Find out who won, who got what they deserved, and how everything comes together in this fascinating story.

Book 3 of KARMA TRILOGY - When Love Stopped Whispering

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The intricate tale continues with our three characters as more details are revealed on the series of events that all culminated in the death of Angela Williams. Mark continues his affair with Angela despite his marriage, prioritizing the epic sex over his better judgement. Sam and Frank investigate further into the body and the apartment, drawing some conclusions despite the convoluting pieces of evidence. Unbeknownst to most, a call of great importance is made that would serve as the crux binding the strings of the web in this intriguing story.

Will our characters, Mark, Sam, and Gary, get to the epicenter of it all? Will they all achieve their respective goals, and are these goals what they say they are? As more falsehoods are revealed, the perspective is changed on what they thought was true and false. Join in on the fascinating tale and follow them until the nub of Karma is revealed.

Book 2 of KARMA TRILOGY - When Love Stopped Whispering

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