“But I am sure he never made love to you the way I would have. I still have a chance…we still have a chance, Emily.” His hand crept to my waist, and my breathing became disheveled. “St…stop…” Was the only word I could utter.

chapter 2, in the shadows

With all the moving chaotic pieces in her mind, culminated by the fact that Father Matthews turned their ‘meetings’ into more than a one-time thing, Emily loses all hope in life. She decides to give herself an escape, a permanent one. However, just as she is at the end of the line and about to fall into the clutches of despair, a hand appears from the light, shining a way into her life.

Emily’s tale continues as she tries to decipher the final pieces of the puzzle alongside her savior. She finds out more about the situation among the three persons of interest relating to the death of Mr. Peter James. Eventually, her ignoring of the priest comes back to haunt her, with Father Matthews not taking kindly to her behavior.

Nevertheless, everything comes to a climax on one faithful morning before dawn. With thunder and lightning as witnesses, the dark twisted stories of our characters are finally unwoven from the threads of fate for everyone to see. There, all the pieces fall into place, but who will pay the price for the truth?

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“You know what we were discussing before you came?” “No idea,” I replied. “About the three of us and our friendship. Don’t you agree that we should take it up a notch?”. Hecate asked coyly, walking towards Selene. And I nodded sheepishly, almost trembling with excitement.

chapter 4, levity

In the rowdy streets of Carrow City, a crime had been committed. As the police combed through a beautiful apartment, now the scene of a gruesome offence, one could not help but wonder how fucked up things were to get to this. To understand the crime, they would have to untangle a web of interlocking stories fastened together by an array of individuals.

Mark, an accomplished real estate broker from another city, was happily married to his wife, Natasha, until he received a text from an old friend. Gary, a young and rich member of a powerful family, was living life with reckless abandon before meeting the love of his life. Sam, a dutiful and ambitious trainee detective, aspired to be a full-fledged cop but worked under a stressful superior. What do these three men have to do with this crime? Read up and find out.

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“Patience is a virtue, dear," Angela said. “Not when it comes to hunger, no.” Mark retorted, taking a seat on the sofa. “I’m here now,” she said to him, wrapping her hands around his neck. “You have me for now. Who knows when and where we might be this close again? For now, you can do whatever the fuck you want to me. So, what are you gonna do, huh?”

chapter 3, rolling in the deep

The conclusion to the mysterious and suspenseful tale. Sam worked with Mark to try to outsmart Frank after their realization of the part he played in Angela Williams’ murder. Frank, on the other hand, focused on stopping Sam and getting that phone, a key piece of evidence that could tie him to the crime.

Meanwhile, a man in the shadows carefully plots and weaves the fabric of his long-running plan, and it comes to an explosive confrontation at the epicenter of the web. Three storylines converge in one final twist that will forever shake the fabric of the lives of Mark, Sam, and Gary. Find out who won, who got what they deserved, and how everything comes together in this fascinating story.

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